09 April 2022

To My Love Daughter


To my love and my heart, who is still the only one when you read this. Having you is the greatest gift in my life. Because of you, I become a mother. I felt how you grew in my belly, see you grew up from birth until you are a teenager now. We named you Raihani Aulia Setiawan. It means the fragrance of heaven, while Setiawan means you are Setiawan's daughter.


Even though at that time your grandmother suggested the name Setiawati, as a combination of your father's and mother's name, I still chose Setiawan, hoping that your little brothers and sisters will also use Setiawan as their last name. But until now you are still the only one. You are a very cute daughter and I wonder how you could grow up so calm yet smart, and you sometimes asked the questions that made me think hard, because your questions are not like other kids'.


 I know as a mother I have too many expectations and restrictions for you, but all of these are for you well being. Your father and I did not want you to make mistakes that could destroy your life. As a mom I realized I have so many mistakes, I am sorry for that. I give this gift to you as a proof that I love you more than myself. I never get tired reminding you to not leave your prayers 5 times a day. I pray that all your wishes will come true. Be soleha all the time.

Barakallah fii umriik

Negara, 8 April 2022

Your Dear Mother



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